Saturday, 10 September 2016

How To Conquer Your TBR

After the hugely successful hauling month that was August, I have come to a terrible realisation. I have way too many books that I haven’t read yet.

This is a problem for many book lovers. Despite the towers of books at home, we still raid bookshops and libraries and 4 years later there will still be books that have been sat on the shelf since buying it in 2012. At some point, an intervention needs to be made and the TBR needs to be whittled down. Here are a few ways to conquer your TBR, some of which I will be trying out myself over the coming months:

  1. Make a list

I’m a big fan of lists because of the feeling of accomplishment you get when you tick something off, which can then propel you forward. Paper lists or visual lists (i.e. a physical TBR shelf) aren’t for everybody - sometimes it can be daunting to have all those books written down and it can seem like an impossible task. If you feel like this, then maybe give Goodreads a go, where you can keep a virtual tally that hopefully won’t be too intimidating.

  1. Book buying ban

As of this moment, I am enforcing a book buying ban on myself. A book ban is exactly what it says on a tin: an amount of time where you’re not allowed to buy books. This is a great way of making sure you read (mainly) what’s on your shelf - I say mainly because libraries exist - but it’s also an incredibly effective way of saving money, which I need to do drastically as I am a student with rent and food to pay for.

  1. Monthly TBRs

I wrote a post a couple of months ago about how monthly TBRs weren’t for me, but recently my attitude has changed slightly. I’ve been working on compiling a Fall TBR for a future Top Ten Tuesday post and I’ve found it to a) be quite fun and b) be really good at focusing on what I already have that I could read. I think the important thing with monthly TBRs is to not go mad; I’m planning on starting with maybe 3 books from my shelf and see it goes from there.
  1. Readathons

As of yet, I haven’t participated in any readathons, but I will be taking part in the Diverseathon next week, and as with my monthly TBRs, I’m trying to only include books that I already have. The themes that usually come along with readathons are perfect excuses to take a good ol’ look at your TBR and potentially choose books that have been there for ages but you’ve never seemed to get around to reading. Also, loads of people participate in readathons so there’s a good community feel around them too.

  1. Buddy reads

If you don’t know what it is, the wonderful Imogen @ Wandered Souls has explained the concept of buddy reading on her blog. Buddy reads, like readathons, are great because of the feeling of community and being encouraged to read. If you and a friend both have a book on your TBR that you’ve never got around to reading, read it together! Discuss your thoughts with one another and fangirl all you want. If you have a look at my to read shelf on Goodreads and see something that you also have and would like to buddy read, please get in touch!

How big is your TBR? Do you have any of your own tips on how to conquer it? Let me know by commenting below!
Love to you all,