Sunday, 29 May 2016

Weekly Wrap Up #7: Slump

Hello hello hello! It's the end of another week, rejoice! Give yourselves a pat on the back for getting through it.

This week has gone so hideously slowly, I can't quite believe it. I thought I was in a reading slump but it turns out it is/was a general slump; I didn't want to read, colour, watch TV, listen to music or ANYTHING. I think it's getting better though because I decided to start crocheting again despite not having my crochet books with me, and I've actually really enjoyed it - I've started making loads of cute flowers, so expect my Instagram photos to be full of them soon.

So what has happened in terms of bookishness this week?


  • Wie Blut so rot - Marissa Meyer (Scarlet, The Lunar Chronicles #2)
I read Cinder back in April, and managed to get my hands on the German copy of Scarlet pretty soon after getting my library membership here, but I only just finished reading at the beginning of this week. Whilst reading it, I couldn't escape a feeling of disappointment - to me, it was moving far too slowly. I enjoyed hearing about Scarlet and Wolf's story, and became annoyed when it didn't seem like it was progressing anywhere, and when it was, it was interrupted by Cinder's storyline, which also felt like it was dragging. I was never sure whether this had something to do with me reading it in my second language, did anyone else have a pacing issue? Once Scarlet and Cinder's stories joined up, though, my head was back in the game. Also, THORNE <3


  • Wie Sterne so golden - Marissa Meyer (Cress, The Lunar Chronicles #3)
The day after finishing Scarlet, I took a trip to the library, telling myself I was only going there to return it and I wouldn't borrow Cress straight away because I have so many paperbacks that need reading so that they can be sent back to the UK. Fast forward a matter of minutes and I left the library having rented both Cress and what I thought was Winter - it turns out it was actually Cinder. I had been staring at it on my desk and taking photos of it for DAYS before I realised that it wasn't Winter. Yes, I am a fool. So far, I am enjoying Cress, I just don't feel very motivated to pick it up and read it - hello, reading slump. It's not that I'm not intrigued, I was really enjoying it! Again: THORNE <3

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