Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Weekly Wrap Up #3: Sorry I'm Late

Hello to you lovely readers!

Firstly, you'll notice my Weekly Wrap Up is late this week, because I went to Munich a.k.a. the land of beer and lederhosen for the weekend, which was FAB. My weekend away meant that my reading progress wasn't as good as usual though, so things have been a bit slow.

  • One With You - Sylvia Day

This was the fifth and final instalment in the Crossfire series. It had really mixed reviews when it came at the beginning of the month, and I was a bit apprehensive to finish the series, but in the end the need for closure got to me and I downloaded it. The Crossfire series for me has always been an "easy read" - I've never felt like they're particularly complex but I enjoyed the characters and I'm a sucker for some romance. The storyline of all 5 books only takes place within a couple of months which I find completely and utterly RIDICULOUS and that was my main quip with the books, until I read One With You. Several questions were presented relatively early on in the plot but weren't resolved until near the end, so it seemed to be rushed and not particularly well executed, which was disappointing. On the one hand you could also say that the plot was really simple and was no more than Eva and Gideon venture into married life, but actually I enjoyed that it wasn't full of (too much) drama and was just a look at their domestic life. In the end, I'm glad I finished the series but I'm not sure I would recommend the book any time soon.

  • Passenger - Alexandra Bracken

If you've not heard of this book, it's about a violin prodigy, Etta, who one night finds herself transported back through time onto Nicholas' ship in the 18th century. Along with Nicholas, she must continue to journey through time to find something of great importance, which might ultimately change the path of time and Etta's future. 

I want to like this book as much as everyone else does, truly I do. However, I am finding it slow and a struggle to read. If it weren't for my overwhelming need to finish what I start, and the fact that I'm reading this along with other book bloggers involved with Hype or Like Friday, I think I would have DNFed this before reaching 50%. I feel like halfway was a turning point for the book though, and I now find it mildly more interesting and exciting than the first half, which is becoming increasingly more worrying the closer I get to the end and we seem no nearer to the conclusion. Also, Sarah J. Maas describes the ending as a "knockout, blockbuster finale" which just fills me with fear. WHAT WILL HAPPEN?!!

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Hope you're all having a lovely week so far!